Radio Silence Candles (Preorder)


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These custom candles were originally patron reward exclusives! Now, they’re open for preorder for every reader to enjoy the scent most reminiscent of each character from the comic!

Preorders will be closed September 30th. The order will be put through on Friday October 1st and I will hope to have the candles in hand for shipping 2-3 weeks after that.  I’ll update those who preorder as to any status changes in that time.

These are 100% soywax candles made in Canada by Candlework Canada.

  • The 2oz size is 2″ x 1.5″.
  • The 4oz I don’t have on hand to measure, but is the same width with presumably double the depth for the bigger, longer lasting candle.

The scent profiles are as follows:

Mulled wine
Vanilla (Spiced)

Black Raspberry Vanilla
Buttercream frosting


Fresh linens
Green apple

Cinnamon stick

Honey cream
Orange blossom

Scent reviews:

These vivid reviews were provided by a patron! Liz is preorder exclusive, so hers does not yet have a review.

  • “Matt’s is a surprise cocktail delivered to you by the bartender, then the “I hope I guessed right” delivered with warm breath into your ear by the man taking his seat next to you…”
  • “Colbie’s is a carnival stand of marshmallows and cotton candy bobbing above the crowd from a distance, then the tartness of a handsome stranger eying you across the ferris wheel.”
  • “Shy’s is pumpkin spice bread right out of the oven, slathered in spiced cream cheese frosting.”
  • “Brent’s is a man fresh out of the showers after a footie game on a muddy field, chest still damp and hair tips still dripping.”
  • “Wren’s is absolutely a warm gulp of cinnamon-laced tea on inhale and a cool breath of autumn rain on the exhale.”

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Matt, Colbie, Shy, Brent, Wren, Liz, Full Set


2oz, 4oz


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